christian hindi song Ibadat Karo

O people of the world make a loud noise sing songs of happiness, sing it Worship him, worship him…. Remember that He is the only God He has given us this life We all have come from the pasture Hamd-o-sana's, we went to the song thank you lord High voice….. Name-Khudavand, how happy my lord how good His mercy is his, centuries old mythology From the azal of Wafa, this is the sequence Believe in us, come to his house Sing happiness…… pray

A Hindi Devotional Christian song written by Anil Kant and sung by sisters of Doha Brethren Assembly. Hindi Lyrics and meaning of this song is:
Aye duniya ke logo (Come, people of the world)
Oonnchi awaz karo (Raise your voice)Gaoh khushi kay geet (Sing songs of joy)
Uska Gungan karo (Sing His praises) Ibadat karo usuki (Worship Him) x
Yaadh rakho kay wahi ek khuda hai (Remember that He is the only God)
Ham ko ye jeevan usi ne diya hai (He has given us this life)
Usu charagah se hum sab hai aaye (We he come into his fold)
Hamdo sana kay hum geet gayee (We will sing songs of His praise)
Rab ka tum shukru karo (Thank your God)
Oonchi awaz karo (Raise your voice) Gaoh khushi kay geet (Sing songs of joy)
Us ka Gungan karo ...Ibadat karo uski (Sing His Praises...Worship Him)
Naame khudanwan kitna mubaraku (How blessed is the name of the Lord)
Mera khudawand kitnaa bhala hai (How good is my God!)
Rehmat hai uski sadiyo purani (His mercy extends from the ancient of days)
Wafaa ka azal se yahii silsila hai (His faithfulness is everlasting)
Uspar ye manu karo Uspar ghar ahoo challo (Let us go to His house)
Gaoh khushi kay geet (Sing songs of joy)
Us ka Gungan karo ... Ibadat karo uski (Sing his praises...Worship Him
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