Elfi Sannidhi Andhra Christava Kristava keeranalu

Elfi Sannidhi was born on Dec 18th, 1997. When she was 6 months old, she had a ear for music and wanted her parents to sing Andhra Christian Hymns. The first song she learnt by heart was hymn no: 426, “Na Rakshakuni Vembhadintu“ meaning “I will follow my saviour” from  at the age of 1.5 years.

​​ Her Singing talent was first exposed to publicly at the age of 2 years. (Singing during Musical Bonanza of Church Harvest Festival). At the age of 4, Elfi rendered a special number in the Sunday worship service of Hyderabad Baptist Church, Narayanaguda.

 At the age of 5, the youngest participant in the “Bicentennial Celebrations singing competitions” commemorating Late poet/writer Purushotham Chowdhary and won the consolation prize in “ Special Category” of Rs.1000/- and appreciation from the Chief Guest of the program at Hariharakala Bhavan Dr. C.Narayana. Reddy. She had special interest and talent in singing Hymns and especially loves to sing Classical songs.

At the age of 7yrs, she recorded her first album with 8 songs. Her Special numbers (Always ) in church services and Christian meetings and gatherings were instrumental and inspirational in reviving the tradition of singing these hymns which was fast fading in this generation.

Audio songs

Anni kalambula una yehovah.

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