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John Wesly Ministries,
Mallikarjuna Nagar,
A.P India
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Gods Calling 
Dr.John Wesly is the founder and director of Young Holy Team Dr.John Wesly is an enthusiastic preacher, singer and composer. He travelled hundreds of villages and cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and won thousands of souls for God already. 
His preaching has a unique concept and presentation. He preaches not only in large crusades but also in streets and marketplaces.He has composed many beautiful and melodious songs enriched with love of God which transforms the minds and hearts of those who hear them. John wesly is a good script writer. He writes articles for the Christian news papers and his own magazine called Krupa Vaartha which has been reaching, touching and teaching many lives and homes
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He is a good film maker and shows Christian films and documentaries in the rural and urban areas captivating the minds of many people and leading them into the love of Christ. The scientific proofs about the bible shown by him in the meetings have brought astonishing number of non- Christians into Christ. He preaches in his own church Christ Worship Centre where many people are experiencing the power of God. He helps his father Pastor. 
Joseph Vijaya Kumar in every aspect by giving his full cooperation. He encourages students to study well and he himself set up a good example by completing his masters degree in mathematics and theology. He did his doctorate in theology and was awarded another honorary doctorate from Agra university.new telugu christian songs latest telugu christian audio songs new telugu christian songs free download new telugu christian songs 2012 free download new telugu christian songs

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