junte thenekanna telugu worship christian song

JUNTE THENEKANNA is a very super telugu song in christian telugu songs with very beautiful lyrics and perfect tuning edification of mind and heart through this song.The meaning of this song junte thenekanna theeyananinadi ne prema. O GOD your Loveis as much as more sweeter than honey we cannot measure your love is true and more loveable than any body in this world
Its sweeter than cheese and honey its superior than silver and gold .....the love effervescent and flows that's God's name Its brilliance like sun and brighter than sun and pure than moonlight its cool than foggy mountain that is Jesus name Jesus you are impossible you won the death you are the one who command whole world no one are similar to you immunizer you are only our strength my lord you are the place to protect us you are real god we'll bend and worship you Your love is wider than sky, telugu jesus songs,telugu jesus songs album,telugu jesus songs free download south mp3, If you are interested you can post your comment and review