Jeevithamentho alpam nee pranamentho swalpam meaning with lyrics

 This Song is written by Dr.John Wesly CWC Rajamundry 

The Meaning of this Song 

Jeevithamentho alpam 

Life is too short

nee pranamentho swalpam 

You Span is too small

Yesuleni jeevitham agamyagocharam

Life with out Jesus is Empty (useless)

 visirivellina gali thirigi radhu malli

The Wind that comes does not return

 sasvathamu kadedi ee lokamlo

Nothing is Permanent in this world

prabhu Yesunandhe neeku nija rakshana

Only in the Lord Jesus you will be saved

nethagani nadikante vodiga mare

Sharper as needle of weaver

saguchundey dinamulu niturputho (kshanamulu)

The days are finishing in second

jeevithame oo shapamga

Life on Curse

jeevaname poratamga brathukuchuna neku

The life is like a Battle field to you

Yese shanthi chinthalani bapi nenu cheradesi

The Lord Jesus give peace and remove all your troubles and accpect you

kanneru thudiche aa Yesutho jeevithame oo divenaga jeevaname anandhanga brathakali

neevu yellapudu

He will wipe your tears aa The life with Jesus is Blessing Life with Happiness you should spent Happy for ever.